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Winners for #nullkaunjayega

Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of #nullkaunjayega – ARE TWO! That’s right, we are giving away TWO FREE VIP passes to NULLCON, Goa. And you thought The Twist was just a dance from the 50’s! So here they are, the winners for #nullkaunjayega (drumroll)

@abhinav_sejpal a.k.a Abhinav Sejpal. You can view the tweet here.


@pranay80 a.k.a pranay. You can view the tweet here.


Congratulations to the winners! The entries made the judges ROFL!! Well done, and you win A FREE VIP pass to NULLCON each. Thank you for participating.

Honourable Mentions for #nullkaunjayega

The results of #nullkaunjayega are out!

Before we announce the winner, here are the honourable mentions. While these entries didn’t win the contest, they gave the winner some much deserved competition. So here they are, in no particular order:

@alxdotnet a.k.a Alex James – You can view the tweet here.


@naveen967638868 a.k.a Google Naveen – You can view the tweet here.


Thank you all so much for participating  :)

Win a FREE VIP Pass to NULLCON, Goa 2015!

Yes, you read that right! You can win a FREE VIP Pass to NULLCON 2015 at Goa on 06 – 07 Feb, 2015.

How do I participate?

To participate in the contest, you just need to follow 3 simple steps:


  1. Take a photo of what security means to you and caption it.
  2. Tag the photos with the hashtag #nullkaunjayega (Entries without the hashtag will not be considered)
  3. Post it on Facebook and/or Twitter

And that’s it. It’s that simple.

The wildest, funniest, smartest and cleverest photo will win the prize.
The people picking the winning photo may not be the wildest, funniest, smartest and cleverest – but ah, well, that’s life for you! The judge’s decision is final.

When do I start?
Now! The contest ends on Feb 1st midnight (IST). The winners will be announced on Feb 2nd. You can tag as many pictures as you want. So hurry along and get clicking.

What happens if I win?
On Feb 2nd, the names of the winners will be announced on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We’ll get in touch with the winner directly to give away the grand prize – a VIP Pass to NULLCON.

What am I up against?
You can see the real time entries here (twitter) and here (facebook).

I have more questions. Where can I get an answer?
You can tweet to us directly @null0x00 or write on our Facebook wall with the hashtag #nullkaunjayega and we’ll answer your questions.

Go on then, we’ll see you in Goa!

P.S: It’s always a good idea to get permission from the people you’re taking a photo of before you put them on any social media channel

EDIT – The contest end date has been moved from Jan 30th midnight to  Feb 1st midnight, 2015. We’ll announce the winners on Feb 2nd.

wh[0x01] WildHack Contest

Welcome to our 0x01st contest. Let your grey cells do the thinking/talking :-). Participate by submitting content on security and get a chance to win the ultra-cool, 100% Indian null hacker t-shirts.Winning (and other cool) submissions will also be published on null’s website. The best of the lot will also be considered for the upcoming security conference – nullcon.

The Prize teaser

null T-Shirt
null T-Shirt

The rules of engagement:

1. The contest starts on 15th June 2009 and ends on 15th July 2009. Winners will be announced on the null mailing list on 20th July 2009.

2. The submissions can be anything related to security/hacking.

3. Submission Categories expected(but not limited to):

– L2-L4 security/hacking.

– Web 2.0 vulnerabilites and countermeasures.

– .NET Malware/security.

– Code injection (Binary/XSS/SQL/Command etc).

– Spam mitigation and antispam evasion techniques.

– Malware detection and antimalware evasion techniques.

– Protocol vulnerabilities.

– Voip.

– Mobile networks GSM/CDMA/3G.

– Wireless.

– Cryptography.

– OS/Kernel and Virtualization security/hacking.

– Bluetooth.

– Hardware based security/hacking.

– Cyber Forensics.

– Cyber Warfare.

– Social Engineering.

4. Research work in Progress will also be accepted.

5. The submissions can be in the form of:

– White papers.

– Advisories/Disclosures.

– Best Practices.

– Video/Audio Demos.

– Tutorials.

– Hacks, tricks & tweaks.

– PoCs.

– Source code/Tools.

6. The submission should be original work of the author/submitter.

7. Your submissions* should be emailed to (submit _at_

8. It is ok to submit your work already published on the net like advisories already posted on FD/Bugtraq, paper presented at a conference etc.

9. Submissions will be judged by the core group members. Criteria for judgement:

– More technical the submission, more chances it has for winning.

– Innovation/Some thing new and never heard of before.

– Age of the work. newer work will get more preference.

10. Many T-shirts/null credits to be given away, subject to no. of submissions received.

11. For any further queries/details please write to (dhiraj _at_


And…. the lucky winners are:

  • Sumit Siddharth – Tool: sql Injection.
  • Simran – Paper: Bypassing url filtering in Dubai
  • Prakash – Disclosure: Directory index information disclosure in null website.
  • Raxit Seth – Disclosure: Information leakage in website.

*Disclaimer: By submitting your work to null you are giving null the right to publish and redistrubute it in any form.