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[Mumbai] Null Chapter | 10th May, 2014 (Saturday)

Hello all,

Our next NULL Mumbai chapter meet is scheduled on 10th May, 2014 (Saturday)

The topics for discussion are as follows:

  1. Security News Bytes: Discussion on latest happenings in the infosec industry

  2. Pentesting VOIP: By Arun Mane
    The presentation will focus on Understanding Basics, Footprinting of SIP Services, Enumerating SIP Services, Registering SIP Service, Brute Force Attack for SIP Service, Call Initiation with/without Spoof & Credentials, Exploiting VOIP server

  3. Introduction and Networking break

  4. How I built my Pentesting lab for just 6k: By Dhruv Shah
    The presentation will focus on how to set up a Raspberry pi, how to convert it into a all in one pentesting device system and introduction to pwnieexpress

  5. Bypassing Android Pattern Lock: Sumit Shrivastava
    Android smartphones are hugely popular world-over. The common screen-lock that every android user uses is pattern lock. This presentation demonstrates how to bypass Android’s pattern lock. When it comes to forensics of an android device, this can be useful at times when when the suspect himself is not present at the incident scene and the Android device is an evidence. This method may help you in unlocking the device and analyse it.

For those interested in attending the meet, please register yourself at the link

There is NO entry fee. The meet is open to everyone interested in security. Feel free to pass on the message to your friends and colleagues.

(Google Map Link:
Old Nagardas Road,
Next to Andheri Subway,
Andheri (East)

11:00 AM onwards (approx. duration for each presentation is 30-40 mins.)

Contact Nos:
+919619166443 (Narendra Choyal)
+919594955107 (Vinod Tiwari)
+91-9819643034 (Wasim Halani)
+918879357721 (Varun Nair)

[null] [OWASP] [meet] [Mumbai] Announcing null + OWASP March meet on Saturday 8th March, 2014

Hello All,

Announcing our null/OWASP Mumbai chapter meet

08th March (Saturday) @ 11:00 AM  @Directi

Registration & Fees: All null meets are FREE for anyone to attend. Just come with an open mind and willingness to share and learn.


Please fill the form on the below link to register for the meet:


Registration link:


The schedule for this month’s meet is as outlined below:

11:00 – 11:15:  Newsbytes– Narendra Choyal

11:15 – 1:00:  Pentesting SCADA and Smartgrids– Arun Mane


  1. RF spectrum analysis and signal capture
  2. Spread Spectrum types and strategies
  3. Hands-on signal demodulation with GNU Radio

01:00 – 01:20:  Introduction

01:20 – 02:00   Introduction to Digital Signatures and PKI – Shubham Sharma

1.       Introduction

2.       Myths & Reality

3.       Technical Concepts

4.       Demo(Generating Own Signatures)

5.       Demo(Encrypting/Signing your Email and files on the go) Using your own Digital Signature.


02:00 – 02:15:  Feedback and Topic discussion for next month meet



M/s Directi,
Next to Andheri Subway,
Old Nagardas Road,
Andheri (East),
Maharashtra 400069

(Google Map Link:

Narendra- 09619166443
Varun- 08879357721

Announcing null/OWASP Mumbai December meet up on X-MAS (Wednesday, 25th December 2013) @ IIS, Mumbai

The schedule for this month’s meet is as outlined below:

11:00 – 11:15: Newsbytes- Narendra Choyal

11:15 – 12:00: Defeating Drones – Nikhil Razdan

  • Understanding components used to construct a UAV
    • Hardware and Software components required
    • Features of a UAV
    • Understanding GPS fail-safe feature in specific
  • Understanding GPS spoofing
    • Construction of a Jammer
    • Hardware and Software required
    • Theory behind gps spoofing attack
  • Understand working of SkyJack
    • Understanding working of Parrot Drone
    • Understanding use of Alfa adapters
    • De-authentication attack using aircrack-ng

12:00 – 12:20: Introductions

12:20 – 01:00: Memory Forensics(1/3) – Varun Nair

This is a multi-part series on Memory Forensics. This is the first session and will cover the basics of “live” forensics. The session will also cover collecting RAM dumps and looking out for juicy info in the dump. Session will end with an introduction to “Volatility”.

As everything will be “live”, those who wish to try along with must have:

1) Dumpit by Moonsols (

2) WinHEX editor (

01:00 – 01:30: ISO 27001:2013 – Manasdeep

ISO 27001:2013 is the updated standard for ISMS which has introduced critical and much needed changes to the 2005 version. We look how they make the ISMS standard more open and industry friendly.

01:30 – 02:00: Feedback and Topic discussion for next month meet

Please note that all null meets are free for anyone to attend. There are no fees and/or registration. Just come with an open mind and willingness to share and learn.

(Google Map Link:
M/s Institute of Information Security,
201, Ecospace Building, Off Old Nagardas Road,
Near Andheri Subway/Station,
Andheri (East)

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Contact: Wasim- 09819643034
Narendra- 09619166443
Varun – 08879357721