Category: Projects


Name: bsqlbf-v2

Category: Blind SQL injection

Author/Owner: Sumit Siddharth



This tool allows extraction of data from Blind SQL Injections. It accepts custom SQL queries as a command line parameter and it works for both integer and string based injections. Databases supported:

  • MS-SQL
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle

The tool supports 6 attack modes(-type switch):-

  • Type 0: Blind SQL Injection based on true and false conditions returned by back-end server
  • Type 1: Blind SQL Injection based on true and error(e.g syntax error) returned by back-end server.
  • Type 2: Blind SQL Injection in “order by” and “group by”.
  • Type 3: extracting data with SYS privileges (ORACLE dbms_export_extension exploit)
  • Type 4: is O.S code execution (ORACLE dbms_export_extension exploit)
  • Type 5: is reading files (ORACLE dbms_export_extension exploit, based on java)