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Name Ajan
Handle me@ajan.in
Registered On November 19 2014
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I'm an Information Security Enthusiast. I love researching / learning any topic related to the field of InfoSec. So, I have a wide set of non-specialised-skills; my interests in this field vary from Micro Kernel Security to Cryptography, from Security Management to Web Application Security, from Computer Security to Smartphone Forensics.

Presently working as an Principal Security Consultant

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null Bangalore Meet 20 July 2... Meet Saturday July 20 2019
Combined monthly Null/G4H/OWA... Meet Saturday March 16 2019
Monthly Meet Meet Saturday December 15 2018
Combined null/OWASP/G4H month... Meet Saturday February 10 2018
null/OWASP/G4H Combined meet ... Meet Saturday May 20 2017
null/OWASP/G4H Combined meet Meet Sunday October 16 2016
null/OWASP/G4H Combined Meet Meet Saturday July 16 2016
DevOps Puliya Saturday December 19 2015
Null/Owasp/G4H monthly meet Meet Sunday September 27 2015
Null/Owasp/G4H Meet Saturday August 29 2015