Android owns 80% of the mobile market share, despite many zero days coming almost every quarter. Being a security researcher, love towards android automatically increases because of its cool architecture and a huge arena to explore for bugs. This session will dwell into the basics of android application security and few of the interesting findings.

  • Basics of android application architecture.
  • Where to start? What to do?
  • What ifs, with your own android device?
  • Few interesting vulnerabilities.
  • This is cool, I want to be a android app hacker. What to do next?


Abhinav Mishra

With the unconditional love towards security, be it applications or network, I have been hacking since 6+ years. Professionally, worked with multiple organisations to strengthen their web/infra security. A member of Synack Red Team, and one of the Top 5 mobile security researcher in SRT leaderboard. Personally, movie buff, hollywood movie lover, Indian and folk music fan, traveler, trainer, speaker, part time bug bounty hunter.


Starts at Saturday March 19 2016, 11:30 AM. The sessions runs for about 1 hour.