Hardware Trojans, a relatively unheard threat viz-a-viz the typical software based malwares and virus attacks ,that keep befalling across is being realized gradually by the IT security domain including the users, the IT Security guys and the corporate sector who all of a sudden recognize the immense threat they might already be living in with. A distinctive dormant Hardware Trojan threat can be so flagitious that the victim doesn’t even know if he is effectuated when he might already be. Hardware Trojans are evolving threats that can shake the roots of any set and constituted government or corporate giant for that matter. Unlike Software virus/malware threats, Hardware Trojans are persistent in nature ie once infected in an IC, the threat remains and cannot be removed even once detected. The presentation i plan to run will bring out the over view of these threats including classifications, mechanisms they work on,few case studies and the current set of countermeasures being researched upon.


Anupam Tiwari


Starts at Saturday December 19 2015, 12:15 PM. The sessions runs for about 2 hours.