• Understanding what is IoT security
  • What is the scope of IoT security
  • Uses of IoT and where do we see it in our daily life
  • Possible attack surface and likelihood of IoT-related attacks
  • IoT specific security assessment (understanding approach, IoT protocols, how it is a combination of different type assessments)
  • The myths of IoT security and the way it has progressed in past few years and how far fetched it can be.
  • Available Resources and Tools


Ankit Giri

A complete tech enthusiast, who likes to learn new technologies. With his expertise in Application Security, Ankit works as Associate Security Consultant for Security Compass. A speaker, presenter, and a blogger, Ankit has a diverse background in writing informational blogs during his association with TO THE NEW Digital (last firm). He is a nature lover, photography enthusiast and avid follower of governance. Being in application security domain, Ankit also takes an interest in RTI activism and carry it as a skill with RTI certifications.Expertise: Penetration Tester, OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities understanding, detection, and remediation. Blogger, Bug Bounty enthusiast, One of the Top rated writer on Quora: The Most Viewed Writer in Web Application Security, The Most Viewed Writer in Pentest, Second Most Viewed Writers in Network Security. Featured in Hall of Fame of EFF, GM, HTC, Sony, Mobikwik, AT&T, PagerDuty and many others. He is a chapter leader of Peerlyst Delhi NCR Chapter. Special mention and a note of thank for posting the first SecLink on the platform Sectivenet.


Starts at Saturday December 17 2016, 01:35 PM. The sessions runs for about 1 hour.